The CBT Sessions

What can I expect from my therapy sessions?

Our CBT Experts are supportive, encouraging and very skilled in helping you to make the changes your need for a more healthier mind.


What happens in a CBT therapy session?

Each session will be between 50-60 minutes long, and you can carry out your session either face-to-face, phone or Skype. Our CBT experts are happy to meet face-to-face to provide support in different environments or locations, if this is part of your treatment goals and if this will help with your main presenting problem. Each session consists of 3 sections:


The Start

– At the start of each session, the time the session will finish will be set.

Our CBT experts will do this as:

  • We do not want you to worry about when the session will finish, especially if you have other appointments to attend after the session.
  • It helps our experts to stay time-bound. Sometimes our passion for the subject area and CBT can quite easily make us lose track of time.

– The session will normally begin by going through a psychological questionnaire for 5 mins, just to get a snap shot as to how the treatment is progressing. The questionnaire scores are recorded at each session, and are used mainly for the purpose of showing you the progress made in treatment from your Initial Assessment.


The Middle

– The majority of the session will be spend discussing the highly specific CBT materials given to you from the previous session. This material will give you lots of information on your current problems, as well as introducing the tools and techniques that will be used in your treatment.

– You and your CBT Expert will analyse your thoughts, feelings and behaviours within the session to work out if they are unrealistic or unhelpful and to determine the effect they have on each other and on you.

– Your CBT Expert will go deeper into the techniques you have been practicing, so that you are able to discover for yourself the psychology and links that are present between thoughts and behaviours, which in turn effect your feelings and physical symptoms.

– Our experts will motivate, support, and encourage you to try these techniques in your daily life, and will explain the rationale as to why and how the techniques will be helping you to feel better.

– Confronting fears and anxieties can be very difficult. Also, changing your behaviours and re-training your thoughts can be quite challenging. Our CBT experts understand and empathise with our clients, therefore, we will not ask you to do things you do not want to do and will only work at a pace you are comfortable with. Our aim is to support you to overcome the current problems, but doing this collaboratively with you is important as improves treatment outcomes significantly.


The End

– The CBT expert will ask you to reflect on the session and encourage you to identify 2 main learning points from the session. This will help your mind to consolidate and process the session properly, thus, improving the long-term effects of the treatment.

– We will set the next ‘therapy task’ or ‘homework’ so that you can work on this outside of the session. Our CBT experts all know how crucial this ‘out of sessions’ work is, and we believe this has a strong impact on the success of your treatment. Your CBT expert will support and guide you with is process and are aware everyone has their own learning styles.

– The next session will be booked.

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