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What our clients say after CBT treatment?

Want to see what our clients say about our therapy?

John - Aged 42 - Depression Client

 "I realised I was suffering with depression in December 2015, after being signed off from work and attempting to get help via the NHS (8 month waiting list!) It was recommended that I seek help from The CBT Clinic by my GP. From the very first CBT treatment session I knew I had made the right decision. My CBT Expert was always calm, collected and ultimately a reassuring presence in our sessions. He helped me find my own path out of the malaise I was stuck in and helped me to understand the ways in which my thoughts were influencing my feelings and the influence on my behavioural responses.The CBT therapy has helped me to develop insight and understanding of how my problems had developed and also to recognise some of the factors that were maintaining patterns of thinking and ways of dealing with things.

The CBT therapy has helped me to develop cognitive strategies such as questioning /challenging my thinking and looking at situations from different perspectives. I developed CBT strategies and tools to deal with things that were keeping me stuck, lowering my moods and increasing sense of hopelessness. My confidence and self esteem improved and therapy helped in a positive way. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this service, and have since introduced two close friends who are now also engaged in therapy! " 



Julia - Aged 31 - Low Self Esteem Client

"What would I have done without Rashad! When I booked an initial assessment, I was lacking in self-esteem, virtually friendless, insecure in the workplace and unable to move beyond what certain people had done in the past. After about 9 sessions of CBT, I can honestly say I'm a reformed individual. I've changed my thought patterns and things just don't seem as harsh or depressing as what they were. Rashad is a good listener and his experience is clear. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to resolve their issues." 


Katie - Aged 17 - Panic Anxiety Client

"During the last few weeks of the summer term our daughter began to have panic attacks going into school. It transpired that she had a fear of feeling or being sick for several weeks after being taught in an extremely hot classroom. She was also experiencing some bullying issues. Her confidence had been shattered and she found it hard to be around large groups of people.A friend recommended The CBT Clinic and she started work with Rashad. My daughter made a connection with him immediately. Rashad had a wonderful way of talking to her and a trust was formed between them very quickly. My daughter now has many 'coping' techniques to manage the Panic anxiety, the most effective the CBT based Panic Diary amongst many others. We discuss these techniques daily to remind our daughter how to cope with any difficult situations she may have to face. She is now happily back in school and her confidence is growing by the day. Rashad's positivity and relaxed approach during each session was just what we needed."


Paul - Aged 55 - Generalised Anxiety Client

"Having CBT sessions with The CBT Clinic has given me the tools and confidence I need to cope better and with my Generalised Anxiety related difficulties. I have learn so many ways to worry less, especially about the future. My CBT Expert explained the science and reasons behind my feelings using words I understand and gives me relevant information to read away from the sessions. CBT has helped make daily life easier, and I never thought I could do something to stop my worrying. "


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