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What are the signs of Depression?


A lot of people wonder or question if they have Depression or not, and its not always that straight forward to recognise a depressive episode. Sometimes, other people may say to you 'Are you depressed?' or 'we think you are depressed', which can be quite confusing, as how can an individual recognise they are depressed if they dont know what it is themselves. 


Below are the signs of depression commonly associated with an episode of depression. When people become depressed they often experience some of the following depressive symptoms:

  • A Persistent feeling of low mood or unhappiness.
  • A sense worthlessness and inadequacy with a loss of confidence.
  • Feelings of guilt, anxiety and irritability.
  • Feeling tired, a loss of energy, general aches and pains and little motivation to do things.
  • Loss of interest and pleasure in day to day activities.
  • Changes in appetite – either eating less or more.
  • Sleep disturbance – difficulties getting off to sleep or early morning waking.
  • Loss of interest in sex and or a reduction in libido.
  • Difficulties in concentrating, making decisions and remembering things.
  • A sense of hopelessness and helplessness about the future.
  • Difficulties being around people leading to withdrawal and isolating self.
  • Thoughts of death and suicide.
  • Thoughts becomes extreme, negative / self critical and unhelpful.


People with depression may not necessarily experience all of these signs of depression all at once, but the majority of people with depression will have atleast five or six (Royal College of Psychiatrists 2010) at any one time, with different degrees of intensity. If you experience these symptoms for a period up to two weeks or more it is important that you seek support as symptoms tend to get progressively worse with time.


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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is one of the major therapies now recommended by medical experts and GP’s, and has a strong evidence base to show significant improvements in Depression. So if you would like support to overcome your depression, get in touch with our cbt therapy nottingham clinic now. 

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What are the signs of Depression?

 A lot of people wonder or question if they have Depression or not, and its not always that straight forward to recognise …