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Rashad Khan 

Psychologist & CBT Therapy Expert

My name is Rashad Khan and I work as a Psychologist and a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) expert. I have worked with hundreds of patients from my time spent working for the Prison Service (7 years) , NHS (7 years), and now privately. I have been practicing and perfecting my CBT skills for over 14 years now, and feel that my clinical knowledge, analytical psychological mind, and warm therapeutic style have helped me improve the mental health & thinking of hundreds of patients not just from Nottingham, but across the UK. 

My approach is very thorough and I like to work on the root cause of the problem, as opposed to simply addressing the symptoms. I really believe in the CBT approach and have seen many success stories over the years. In my time spent with the NHS, my success rate with the patients completing treatment for Depression & Anxiety was 92% (for those patients who completed the full course of treatment).

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